IT Content Writer job в Collaba dev #Медиа_тексты_и_контент Обязанности: — Create and develop a Con...

IT Content Writer job в Collaba dev

— Create and develop a Content Strategy plan. based on marketing materials (values, positioning, branding research etc). Collaborate proactively with owner/founder, Marketing Manager, SEO specialists on writing content (what, how, when, where);
— Writing and polishing content pieces for new company website (Team content pages, Projects content pages, Organizational content, Other content);
— Writing content for Blog & Social Media on the following topics, but not limited to (Product Development, Web Development, MVP Development, Leadership & Management, Outsourcing, Hiring);
— Take part in company placements in directories / marketplaces;
— Doing content seeding / guest posts / PR content placements;
— Cooperate with a designer to visualize created content;
— Set up measurable milestones using OKR concept and be responsible for content/SMM
— analytics;
— Full-time remote commitment & performance within 40h+ availability per week.

— Proven 2+ years experience as a copywriter in an IT company;
— Experience in creating content strategy;
— Hands-on experience with content creation, SMM, content/SMM analytics;
— Understanding of SEO;
— Interest in IT and technologies;
— Analytical and creative thinking;
— Fluent English.

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